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Green cleaning products is the development trend of the future of cleaning supplies

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Global warming, has been a hot topic. Global warming is melting glaciers, rising sea levels, because too dry forest caused large fires, but also a threat to the wild animal's survival environment. Global warming, human is the arch-criminal, for thousands of years, human activities on the earth, I only release greenhouse gases, toxic cleaning supplies, caused by earth's rising. Global warming, affect the earth's climate has changed, and changed the past weather patterns, resulting in various parts of the change, such as the weather changes, which led to the extinction of some species.

We humans can do what to change, to slow global warming? Especially as a member of the cleaning industry, we can take some measures or execute what for mother earth more meaningful action?

For cleaning industry, there are 2 things that are necessary, that is, cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment. Cleaning equipment, we recommend cleaning equipment R & D professionals can be less in greenhouse gases cleaning equipment invention. For cleaning products, natural green cleaning products are already available, but we have no promotion and application. While cleaning industry, at present the most important is to participate in the effort to save the planet, together with the use of green cleaning products to curb global warming.
Green cleaning products are made of natural materials, the earth's environment safe cleaning supplies globally recognized. Now people generally applied or chemical cleaning supplies more. Chemical cleaning is more dangerous, because a number of chemicals, not only will cause pollution but also endanger the health of human body to the environment. Because the household cleaning products, often in contact with air, water and soil, it can calculate the pirate of animals and plants, drinking water and food etc..

These cleaning products are harmful to human health, because it contains dangerous ingredients including, neurotoxin, carcinogens, allergens, central nervous system depressants, heavy metals, these substances will cause human respiratory difficulties, reproductive abnormalities and allergic reaction etc..

Harmful components of household cleaning products into the environment: through sewers, air circulation, trash. It is surprising, many harmful cleaning supplies into the land or burning time, they release toxins into the environment and cause the hole in the ozone layer, groundwater pollution, soil pollution, harmful to animals and plants.

Select the natural cleaning products to support save the earth warming, as our meager strength.


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