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Fangfei Ritt attack Shanghai Tenth China clean Expo

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With the rapid development of China's economy, sustainable development has become a basic policy of our country, and improve the cleaning and sanitation level is an important guarantee to realize the sustainable development of china. With the development of economy and the quality of people's life quality rising, advanced clean ideas and products are penetrated into all aspects of people's production and life. At the same time, in 2009 on the eve of the Shanghai World Expo, cleaning market gestates tremendous business opportunities, Chinese cleaning industry a huge space for development. At present domestic cleaning products manufacturers are constantly emerging, foreign brands have entered the Chinese market. The increasingly fierce market competition, China cleaning industry is faced with opportunities and challenges. Cleaning products manufacturers at home and abroad, the urgent need for the adoption of international communication platform of high level to open up the market, seize the opportunity.

Under this background, authoritative exhibition - Tenth China clean Expo Asia clean within the industry (CHINACLEANEXPO-CCE) in March 31, 2009 -4 month 2 days in Shanghai New International Expo Center hosted again. FOFILIT took part in the tenth Shanghai China clean expo. Huicong hotel network as the industry well-known media, made a detailed report on the exhibition. The following pictures:

FOFILIT attack Shanghai Tenth China clean Expo

An unprecedented scale -- authoritative exhibition Asia clean within the industry

After six years of carefully nurtured, China clean Expo has become an annual event in Asia clean industry, the last event -- the Eighth China clean Expo ended in Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 3, 2008, up to the size of 15000 square meters. The exhibition area than last year increased by 30.4%, far more than other professional cleaning Exhibition Asia scale, further established the largest professional cleaning exhibition in Asia's leading position. Most of the international well-known manufacturers and brands such as 3M, JohnsonDiversey, NCL; Interpump, Karcher, Columbus, Tennant, Hako, Fimap, Nilfisk-Advance, Viper, AR, Kranzle, participated in the Chinaclean (China clean Expo), reflects the highest level international clean areas, is an important way for foreign manufacturers to understand and to enter the Chinese market the. Today we face the fact, China clean Expo as a brand exhibition, not only have come from the global top international cleaner manufacturers and local strength of the cleaner manufacturers and suppliers, but also has a large number of buyers and visitors from around the world, China clean Expo has been widely recognized by the international clean industry.

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