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Business philosophy: technology, innovation, quality, service, win-win.

Technological innovation is the driving force for enterprise development. The implementation of technology and innovation as the center, the concept of innovation, management innovation as the foundation, mechanism innovation for innovation engineering support, to enable enterprises to Yongbao vitality, aim high in the competition. Domestic cleaning industry elite gathered a company set up floor wax application technology and product research and development centers, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology and processes, to provide security company in product innovation and quality stability, provide technical communication and research and development platform for the development of the industry, the company is willing to share resources, together with the common progress, in order to promote the development of China the cleaning industry output.

Service is the core of the enterprise. The company's service concept is "service first, customer first", to customer satisfaction as the standard, the company from two aspects of technology and market, the service concept in the behavior of enterprises and staff, service world without end, the heart of our pursuit of customer satisfaction. To provide supporting services in the product pre-sale, sale and after sale link, so as to ensure the quality and the use effect of the product further.

Win-win is our values. The company makes full use of resources, and strive to provide the best cost-effective products for customers and suppliers, to achieve the strategic alliance, a long-term cooperation partnership. Only a win-win situation is the foundation of a successful enterprise; only the strategic cooperation, is the direction and guarantee the sustainable development of enterprises. Help and support the development of enterprises and the success cannot do without the social from all walks of life. Enterprises and related enterprises to all regions of the country to maintain close relations of cooperation, and each customer as partners in the firm, and hand in hand, to reach win-win results.

The distribution agent: if you want to become our dealers or regional total distribution, please press the URL links timely contact with business department.

OEM: if you have your own brand, need a stable product performance and excellent quality, FOFILIT is your first choice, sincerely invite all sectors of society to the common development of enterprises to carry out OEM, OEM business cooperation based on equality, pragmatic, win-win, development of the spirit, you are welcome to contact us.  

The sale of floor wax concentrate: configuration of polymer resin production equipment advanced, mature synthesis technology to produce acrylic resin with stable function, can also according to the different needs of customers to produce enriched wax, welcome to contact with us.

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