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Continuous learning, innovation and change the spirit of innovation;
Energetic, carve the spirit of struggle;
Stand together through storm and stress, and seek common development of professionalism;
People-oriented, efficient energy management spirit;
The user is supreme, for all the service spirit;
The road to the solidarity, the spirit of self-discipline;
Expand ties, good faith cooperation in the spirit of cooperation.
Our passion for customers, and customer win-win
We are being honest, hard work, we are concerned about the team, caring staff
We focus on cost and benefit
We strive for Excellence Achievement and contribution
We are continuously improving, our innovation

We love the world, we are full of hope for the future. We are cheerful and not arrogant, we confident but not arrogant. Our warm and generous, we are doing things mature intellect.

We are always looking for opportunities, but we will never seek comfort, our nature is to stand erect, proud and be fearless, we face the world bravely, we respect for authority and not blindly. We have no pride, but have the characters!

Our responsibility, we are full of enthusiasm to the work, we seek for the mission of the times. We extend a warm and calm, nervous and orderly, we never put a lot of time and money to the invalid work. Our work is compact and full of rhythm, we hope, stand on solid ground, we keep pace with the time and not aggressive, we seize the moment and not rest on its laurels. We cherish time is to cherish life, we have to use our every little bit sweat FOFILIT glory.

We love life, we are full of passion for tomorrow. We are optimistic, we march forward courageously, even in the face of enormous difficulties never retreat. Our firm and indomitable, we with constant should ten thousand change, change no matter how the working and living environment.
We are the master of FOFILIT, we recognize and create FOFILIT career, it is pleasant to work and life, we with the feelings of pleasure and infect everyone around.
Without the sun, there is no spring; we was in FOFILIT, we put one's ability and cleverness dedicated to FOFILIT, our efforts to the development of FOFILIT business!


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