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FOFILIT to promote clean, green, green life vision, the use of professional experience in manufacturing field cleaning supplies, to allow consumers to enjoy high-quality green living. As a response to global environmental deterioration of the challenge, Fangfei RIT through the green environmental protection science and technology leading, reducing harmful chemical cleaning products, product maintenance, protection of customer, to create the best social, economic and environmental benefits.

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Foshan Fofilit Cleaning Tools Co., Ltd, founded in 1989, China manufacturing plant located in the beautiful and rich Pearl River Delta hinterland, known as "China manufacturing" reputation of the Guangdong Province Foshan City, and product R & D center set up in Kowloon Hongkong.


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A responsibility, an enterprise should not only on the profit and responsible, responsible to employee, should be more responsible for the environment, and bear the corresponding social responsibility. FOFILIT put the enterprise development and ecological harmony together, and actively promote the development and production of environmental health products, construction of sustainable green industry chain gradually, undertake the social responsibility of the green environmental protection. Green, fulfilling, pursue the creation of social wealth and green value balance.


Continuous learning, innovation and change the spirit of innovation;
Energetic, carve the spirit of struggle;
Stand together through storm and stress, and seek common development of professionalism;
People-oriented, efficient energy management spirit;
The user is supreme, for all the service spirit;
The road to the solidarity, the spirit of self-discipline;

About Fofilit

Business philosophy: technology, innovation, quality, service, win-win.

Technological innovation is the driving force for enterprise development. The implementation of technology and innovation as the center, the concept of innovation, management innovation as the foundation, mechanism innovation for innovation engineering support...


On the basis of learning the foreign advanced management concept and mode on, active exploration and practice, has established a set of effective management mode.

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With the rapid development of China's economy, sustainable development has become a basic policy of our country, and improve the cleaning and sanitati…
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